Credits and API Usage



1) - Used for one of the 2 cat link options

2) TheCatAPI - Used as the other cat link option.


The Minecraft APIs are from GameAPIs


This is my own personal API website, documentation here.


I used CoinDesk to find bitcoin prices.

Ruby Gems

Ruby itself

The language is in Ruby, feel free to google what you need for that.

Ruby comes built in with Gems I used

yaml Gem

I used this gem for the CONFIG file.

open-uri Gem

This gem is used by Nokogiri but I’m unsure why.


I used this gem to parse JSON that rest-client got for me <3

net/http Gem

Probably used by Rest-Client and Nokogiri.

cinch Gem

I used the cinch gem to actually run the bot. This is the base gem that makes the bot run and without it, the bot wouldn’t exist :(

rest-client Gem

I used the rest-client gem to get urls from a website. This is used both for !trbmb, !ron, and !uuid

Nokogiri Gem

I used the Nokogiri gem to parse XML for the !cat command.